Countries Of Arajara


A small kingdom on the southern end of Arajara. The Arusticans are mainly farmers and fishermen. With the long warm seasons they have a thriving agricultural economy and export a lot of grain to their neighbors to the north. Ships also sail between the port at Podana and the Southern Isles.

Bordering Arusticus on the north-east is a large forest that used to be the home of an ancient Elven nation. A few tribes still remain, but the many ruins in the hills emphasize how small their number has become.

Gemli Fanar

The dwarves of Gemli Fanar - as they call their settlement on the isle of Arajara - are spread out through the central mountain range. Their cities have more underground than on top. The surface buildings are often only used for the occasional vacation from their mines and for a meeting place with other races. Many merchant caravans make their way through treacherous mountain passes to be able to share in the riches of Berint in central Arajara and Ethenberg to the south.

Kaysh Province

South of Thelic, and still on the east coast, this is a small group of cities under the rule of Port Charsoday. They have an ambassador with Thelic at Ristonn and strong ties with the Dwarves at Ethenberg. Port Charsoday is a major traffic point for barges floated between Ethenberg and the city where products from the Dwarven mines are transferred for ships bound for Midkoth and beyond.


The Kingdom of Thadach is considered to be a land of barbarians - they usually keep to themselves and so most other countries are content to leave them alone. It is rumored that many pirates make their home in the sea-ports along Thadach's northern coast. Over the past fifty years northern Thelic towns have occasionally had problems with raiders crossing the Enninbon river - coming from Thadach. Thelic ambassadors were able to make a treaty with the late king that put a stop to such occurrences. But now that he has passed away there is a general worry among the the Thelic villages near the Enninbon that raiders may begin coming again.


Thelic is located in north-eastern Arajara, between the seacoast on the east, the mountains to the southwest, and the northern moors of Amnor. Many of its villages are farming or fishing communities, but there are also miners along the mountain foothills and near the sea coast cliffs.

King Theidus currently reigns and is considered a benevolent king by the country's citizens. Crowned in 537 CE, he has reigned for 51 years. He has an army of 104 Knights, 450 Soldiers, 2 Warships with 200 Sailors and 56 Marines.

The country is divided politically into provinces ruled by a governor, whose title ranges from merely Governor to Baron. The barons are the richest and often most powerful rulers, commanding armies and having their own castle, while the governors have to be content with a residence within one of the villages or towns within their province.

The capitol city is Ristonn with a population of 4,210 people currently living there. Vetten, with 1,325 people, is the next largest city and is located close to the southern border. The total population of the country from the last census three years ago was 55,355 and the major race was Ish, along with some Illenda, Dwarves, and Halflings.

Western Wilds

This is a region more than a country. Located in the north-west, past the mountains, is a great forest. Dark and inhospitable, it has remained relatively uninhabited. The few Dwarven cities in the foothills along the south-east and the walled city of Bistok on the northern coast are the only permanent settlements in the on the eastern edge of the Wilds. The western shores are settled by many Orc tribes which arrived from lands to the west, but even they do not venture far into the forests.