Welcome to our lovely country of Thelic. Located in north-eastern Arajara, between the seacoast on the east, the mountains to the southwest, and the northern moors of Amnor. Many of our villages are farming or fishing communities, but there are also miners along the mountain foothills and near the sea coast cliffs. King Theidus currently reigns and is considered a benevolent king by the country's citizens.

The year is 588 CE. It has been a relatively normal year, the citizens are quiet and the politicians happy -- for now at least.



Located almost in the northern moors, this town has the wild atmosphere of being on the frontier of civilization. It is the northern Thelic town and serves as entrance to the kingdom for traveling convoys that venture out toward the Dwarves in the mountains to the south-west, the Orc tribes to the west, and the walled port-city of Bistock on the northern coast. There is a garrison of Thelic soldiers posted here, including a troop of Thelic Knights.

Danview Forge

This town is located on the Memblec river on the eastern coastline. There is a steady fishing industry as well as continuing flow of merchants passing along the king's highway between northern Thelic and traveling far south to Kaysh lands.


This town is located on the rocky Norefin Peninsula in southern Thelic. The residents here are skilled in wood carving and marble sculpting, mining the marble from caves in the cliffs overlooking both the northern and southern bays.


The capitol of the Kingdom of Thelic, this city houses the royal palace along with the largest garrison of Thelic soldiers. On top of that the city bustles with a large, active population.


This city sits close to the southern border of the kingdom. It is the second largest urban center next to the capitol city itself. Its population is supported by the rich farming lands in the river valley surrounding the city. A garrison of soldiers sits 6 miles away to the south-east, on the other side of the Steaden river.


Pullen Ridge

A frontier village on the north border of Thelic. Once under the protection of Baenton Castle, it is now exposed to the raids from the northern barbarians.


Another village that is located south-west of Pullen Ridge on the road to the ruins of Castle Baenton.

Cawden Mard, Endler, Onsville, Rosenberg, Taru Crest, Tavan

Fishing villages along the Toltar bay.

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