The Mutant PBeM is GM'd by Jesper Ohlsson and is set in a post apocalyptic future where many of the humans and animals are mutants. The Eden II project has failed and now everyone has been left to survive on their own. Still the call of the past is strong and many venture into the forbidden zones, seeking the wonders created by the Old Ones, ever aware that the same technology that could make one rich beyond the wildest dreams was the same that brought their civilization to ruins in the first place.


Main Characters

- Vahuk, a mutated terrier with a temper well fit for such being. He claims to have been working for a pest-control company before he started to work as a free-lance problem solver. (player character).

- Stephensen - a somewhat mysterious person, he appears to have knowledge of the Old Ones, but when asked about his occupation he says that he is a "Printer". (player character).

- Johan Bergstrom - he is not very interested of discussing his background, which is not unusual for the wind blown beings inhabiting Pilgrim. However judging from his accent he is not a local. Johan appears to be your average everyday guy - someone you wouldn't look twice at. (player character).

- Krell Pexorat - Standing at about 5 foot 10. He is a good looking fellow with dark complexion. He has a pair of intense green eyes that seems to piece through everyone who happens to catch his attention. His hair is jet black and he has got a black goatee as well. (player character).

Supporting Characters

- Hobb the Mole - The owner and driver of the truck who is a mutated Mole (NPC).

- Gunnar - Hobb's business companion. A long tall apparently untainted human with extraordinary knowledge about the Old Ones (NPC).

- Marshall Mannberg - A lawman in Pilgrim

Previous Player Characters

- Cortex Dardrake - A short blond fellow(5' 10") (player character).

- Marko Krupp - A very small and slightly overweight man. Krupp has dark black hair and dark skin which, if he were taller, would result in a tall, dark and handsome look. He wears his hair cut in a short "military" style (player character).

- Jak Shadowwalker - He is 5'9" and weighs 140 lbs. He has no hair on his head. His eyes are blue. He has a dark complexion. Scars line his chest and back (player character).


The Journey to Pilgrim.

Hindenburg, the Capitol city.

Location of ES-II, an Old Ones Enclave.

The Dome that is the entrance to ES-II

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